Mytek Manhattan II DAC Headphone Preamplifier (Black)


  • Femto Clock Technology Mytek’s new Femto Clock that’s incorporated into C777 Clocking architecture pushes jitter and the noise floor below measurable levels.
  • Highest Resolution Support Modern high resolution audio formats support for PCM 32 bit 384 kHz DXD to Quad DSD256 11.2 MHz. Mqa hi-res decoder: built in certified hardware mqa ® decoder
  • Discrete Analog & Digital Power Supplies Two separate isolated power supplies for the analog and digital stages that lower noise and crosstalk while increasing power and consistency.
  • Built-in attenuator: choice of 1db step analog attenuator for main out and headphones, 1db step digital 32bit attenuator or purist relay bypass.
  • Multichannel operation, includes mch dsd) Audio recording function for digital sources: all digital inputs can be routed into computer via usb2. Allows connection of external digital sources such as cd players and digitizing adcs.


New Manhattan DAC II features include:

– World’s highest performance 130dB Sabre 9038 DAC chipset.

– 32 bit integer Class 2 USB2 driverless audio interface
– World class transparent analog preamp attenuators
– Roon Ready optional network card
– MQA ® hardware decoder
– Improved optional phono preamplifier card
– New, easy to navigate menu system

The Manhattan DAC II design uses the same chassis, same power supply, and front panel circuits as the original Manhattan. It uses a completely new, redesigned main board. This offers a substantial sound quality upgrade. Significantly better detail and resolution, and state of the art transparent analog preamplifier performance.

Original Manhattan owners are encouraged to upgrade to Manhattan DAC II for a very reasonable upgrade fee. Upgrade includes replacement of the motherboard and will be performed in the US by Mytek Brooklyn office, in Europe, by Mytek Warsaw office and overseas by authorized Mytek dealer. Please contact Mytek via online tech support system for more details.


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