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Just A Normal Day!

So I spotted this guy while I was riding in traffic and had to take a pic!

This is a true Road Dog! Navigating the road for his/her human and just loving every minute of it!

The best things in life are simple, and having a best friend to ride with you when you’re ready to ride is a treasure that can’t be bought. Oh sure you can buy the dog, but the love that you share is the true gift.

Submitted by ME!!!


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I didn’t start the car, I swear!

If that face doesn’t say I didn’t do it, I don’t know what does!

This Road Dog was so ready to leave he started the car himself!

He knows he can’t drive but no need to waste valuable time waiting for his human to start the vehicle, we gotta ride!

Road Dogs like this one have zero patience for waiting when it comes time for a trip and we understand because this guy is most likely the life of the party!

We are happy to welcome this wonderful new Road Dog to our list of awesome Pups!

Submitted by Amber of Summerville, South Carolina
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Hold me!

Normally this wouldn’t be the most ideal situation, holding a giant puppy in the car, but this Road Dog has convinced her humans to travel in packs!

This pretty girl is happy on the road as long as it’s in a lap. She loves to take trips around the town with her human in arms.

That face is soooo sweet and she obviously loves hugs, and we love showing off her loving spirit!

Submitted by Brandy of Walkertown, North Carolina.
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That’s a familiar face!

Well of course we remember that sweet face!

If you don’t remember this sweet Road Dog, let me introduce you to Chloe!

This is Chloe’s second appearance here and we are so happy to see her face. She is always ready to ride and always smiling. She is a true Road Dog and very proud of it. There is nowhere this pretty lady won’t go.

Again we find her urging her human to drive her somewhere cool no doubt, and like a good human it’s off we go!

Submitted by Ashley of Summerville, South Carolina.

If you haven’t met Chloe before, you can see her previous post at

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Rock and Roll on the water!

This is a rock’n Road Dog who joins the ranks of our other water dogs!

At home on the water and on the land, we always give a shout out to our other water dogs when we are introduced to  one of their brothers. It’s always great to see a Road Dog on the water in a boat, after all boats are the cars of the sea.

This guy is rocking out and enjoying the wonderful weather on the beautiful waterways of the Lowcountry.  If there’s one thing that a Road Dog and Rock and Roll have in common, it’s the love of the open road and the freedom to ride and this Road Dog is living the dream!

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I get it, I’m cute!

She is looking at her human like… Ok already, I’m cute, can we go?

Obviously ready to ride, this pretty lady is a true Road Dog for sure!

She wants her human to leave already but with a face like that, we can understand taking a moment to capture that sassy attitude.   Just don’t take too long or she may fid someone else to drive her.

Submitted by Mary of Hollywood, South Carolina
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I See The Car, Yet We Are Not In It…

So I know what you’re thinking… This guy is not in a car, but he is actually looking out of the window at the car waiting to ride!

A good Road Dog is always alert and ready for the next ride!

Submitted by Danielle from Summerville, South Carolina
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Open Waters A Call’N Ma Name!!!

This happy guy is flying high on the open water with his best friend… his human of course!

This happy Road Dog gets to join the ranks of our other water dogs that are home on land and sea!

His expression says it all. If you’ve never taken a cruise on a boat in the wonderful weather of the south, then this guy will make you want to! He can’t contain his enjoyment and neither could I when looking at this happy guy.

We love our Road Dogs whether on land or water!

Submitted by Jeff from Goose Creek, South Carolina
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Not all Road Dogs are Dogs at all!!!

So goats are supposed to be lively animals. Jumping from object to object and eating everything in sight from the lawn to the actual lawn mower, but not this little guy. Not only is he ready to ride but he’s already taking his mid-ride nap!  Must be all the tin cans he had before the ride.

I know what you’re thinking… “P-Rock that ain’t no dog!”

Well hey, who said a Road Dog had to be a dog? I  sure didn’t… and never will!!!

This guy was ready to ride… as long as no-one was ready to ride too, but he made sure to leave room for his human and that’s who he rides with and for, and that makes him a true Road Dog (or Road Goat but that just sounds terrible)!

Submitted by Tracey at H.O.P.E Rescue Acres from Monks Corner, South Carolina.
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Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Buddy!

This is such a wonderful pic of a true Road Dog! 

Every road leads to water, and the boat is just the car of the sea, well at least for this Road Dog! She is so happy to have the wind in her face and the sea at her back! She is a true Road Dog ready to ride whether on the road or on the water, and let’s not overlook her best friend in the back, even though she’s not as excited to ride as her counter-part she’s still a true Road Dog too because like I’ve said before… Even a Road Dog needs a Road Dog!

These happy pups show us two perfect examples of how to relax on the water!

Keep paving the way for other Road Dogs, whether by land or by sea!

*Submitted by Ashley from Charleston, South Carolina