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Not all Road Dogs are Dogs at all!!!

So goats are supposed to be lively animals. Jumping from object to object and eating everything in sight from the lawn to the actual lawn mower, but not this little guy. Not only is he ready to ride but he’s already taking his mid-ride nap!  Must be all the tin cans he had before the ride.

I know what you’re thinking… “P-Rock that ain’t no dog!”

Well hey, who said a Road Dog had to be a dog? I  sure didn’t… and never will!!!

This guy was ready to ride… as long as no-one was ready to ride too, but he made sure to leave room for his human and that’s who he rides with and for, and that makes him a true Road Dog (or Road Goat but that just sounds terrible)!

Submitted by Tracey at H.O.P.E Rescue Acres from Monks Corner, South Carolina.
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